About us

Everything you need to know about UFLEXX Health and what we stand for.

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About us

Everything you need to know about UFLEXX Health and what we stand for.

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Our mission

We want to offer affordable and accessible online rehabilitation services with an all-around approach that considers biological, psychological and social factors rather than a dated one-dimensional system. We recognise the importance of understanding and managing the root cause of your pain, discomfort or injury. In doing so, we can help improve your quality of life and recovery to get you back on the right track.

All of the advice we give within our sessions and programmes is based on scientific research and highly regarded by healthcare professionals.

Our approach

Our programmes aim to increase successful rehabilitation rates whilst helping you stick to your programme. UFLEXX Health’s online services cut waiting times for you to see a professional, and you’ll receive an injury management programme within 24 hours.

Our evidence-based practise and advice is based on gold-standard research, which means that we keep up-to-date with the latest treatments, developments and literature to ensure that we’re giving you reliable advice from trusted sources.

How we can help you


Our online services are cheaper than seeing a professional in person


You can use the Uflexx app whenever and wherever you like


Empowering you to understand your body, increase your self-confidence, and build life-long coping skills that will enable you to take your health into your own hands


We’re here to help you make more positive thought processes so you won’t be defeated by your injury. We’ll also help combat health and fitness myths so you can understand the true potential of your mind and body.


We’re experts in our field, hold degree qualifications and always keep updated on the latest guidelines. We’ve been featured in the Times and The Sunday Times and have worked on-set with Hollywood actors and celebrities.


Our well-structured programmes take the key training elements for success into consideration to ensure that your plan is achievable, realistic and fits in with your lifestyle so you can stick to your programme right through to the end.

How it works

Why choose UFLEXX Health ?

Uflexx offers effective rehabilitation, sports therapy, and injury management that's responsive, flexible and affordable. Begin recovering quickly and reach your goals on your terms with flexible payment plans and treatment options.

Our founder

Aaron is an experienced sports therapist with a passion for making musculoskeletal rehabilitation accessible to everyone.

He has treated and trained some of the biggest names in the film industry and has worked with athletes and sports teams across the UK.

He has also written articles with knowledge and expertise on pain, injuries and rehabilitation that have been featured in The Times and The Sundays Times.

How great would it be if we could put health and tech hand-in-hand to create a personalised and efficient service for both patient and health professional. We aim to do exactly that.

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