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Book your initial consultation

If you haven’t had a diagnosis for your pain or injury, you can book an affordable online consultation for just £40 for a 30-minute session. We’ll then be able to recommend the programme that we think will be best suited to you.

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You can cancel at any time and will have access until the last day of the paid month.

You will have to have an initial online or in-person consultation. We cannot provide a plan without knowing more about you. We have made online consultations affordable at the price of £40 for up to 30minutes so we can advise which plan is suitable for you.

Yes. Log into your account and you and choose which plan you would like to be on. Your plan will change accordingly within a 24hr period and the difference will be automatically calculated for the change so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Unless you have a referral from another registered health professional with handover notes and documents, you will need to book an initial consultation so we can build the programme around you. It's important for us to get to know you so you can get the most out of your recovery.

Once you and your health professional have chosen a suitable programme based on your diagnosis, you'll be able to subscribe to our subscription through email link or through booking page > Online subscriptions > subscriptions > Gold. The first months subscription will minus the difference so you'll only start paying the full amount in the second month of the subscription. This is the same for both monthly and quarterly and the difference will be taken off at checkout.

Once you have been diagnosed and subscribed to a plan suitable for you, your sports therapist or physio will build a progressive and personalised rehabilitation programme for you. You'll have access to this app via a link sent to your email with instructions on how to set the app up...it's that simple!

Benefits and Features

Video based rehabilitation

Learn how to perform your rehabilitation exercises with informative videos from our app.

Wherever, whenever

Access the app anytime, anyplace.

Track your progress

Get monthly breakdowns of your programme

Professional check-ins

Get support and advice through the apps chat


Don’t break the bank to see a professional online

Cancel anytime

Cancel at anytime without the worry of being tied into a contract.

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