UFLEXX as both a business and through its medical practitioners, adhere to the strictest privacy and confidentiality practices to ensure that you, your details and your privacy are always secure and protected.

1.0 Relevant Legislation
UFLEXX LTD uses cloud-based, external systems and databases for each of the processes within the organisation. Each one of these external systems, including the platform the website has been built on, has been thoroughly vetted to ensure they all comply with relevant national and international legislation regarding data protection and user privacy.

We are compliant with the UK Data Protection Act 1988 (DPA), EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR).
2.0 What Information We Collect and Why

We employ the use of cookies. By using UFLEXX LTD’s website you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with UFLEXX LTD’s privacy policy. Most of the modern day interactive web sites use cookies to enable us to retrieve user details for each visit. Cookies are used in some areas of our site to enable the functionality of this area and ease of use for those people visiting. Some of our affiliate / advertising partners may also use cookies.

UFLEXX LTD receive and record lots of different kinds of information in order to provide our site visitors with the ideal user experience and our customers with complete confidentiality and privacy with regards to their medical treatments. As such we will never provide or sell your details on to any other organisation or third party. We do use a number of external databases and service providers which are mentioned below but only for the express purpose of providing us with essential processes and services. Each external provider has been specifically chosen for their excellence in keeping the data private and secure.

2.1 Site Visitation Tracking
We use Google Analytics, like most websites, in the form of cookies. We use them to learn about how many people are visiting our site, their general location, what device they are browsing from, what internet browser they are using and from what operating system. Whilst this seems like a lot of information it is all anonymous and none of it provides us with any personal information that could in any way identify you. We use this information purely to improve our website and offering to our visitors.

Further details of Google Analytics Privacy Policy and what they do with that information can be found here.

2.2 Providing Your Information Via Contact forms

If you choose to communicate with us using the contact form on our Contact Us page, the information you provide will be immediately collated into an email and sent to us over our encrypted email servers.

None of the information you have provided will be stored on the website or pass through any other third party. Once the email is received a member of our team will reply to your enquiry using the information provided.

2.3 Subscribing to our Mailing List

If you subscribe to our mailing list your email address will be saved through Mailchimp, we will only email you to provide you with relevant information and updates from UFLEXX LTD. We would not send you any information from external companies or third parties without asking for your express consent in advance.

Further details of Mailchimp’s Privacy Policy and what they do with that information can be found here.

2.4 Your Account

If you have set up an account with us on www.uflexx.co.uk your login details will remain private and secure, only accessible by you through our automated log in service. Once you have logged in you will need to provide your name, contact details and any addresses for your requested session locations. This information is held on our encrypted server and is only accessible by our trained practitioners who will be providing your requested treatments.

Our automated appointment reminder service will use the contact details you have provided to send out appointment reminders via text or email. If you do not want to receive these reminders please get in touch using the information in 6.0 Requesting to View, Change or Remove Your Data.

2.5 Taking Payment

Whenever you need to make a payment for a booking it will be conducted through Stripe API. We chose Stripe as one of the world’s most secure payment platforms. As such our Admin staff will only be able to see the bare minimum of information in order to adequately process any possible full or partial refunds. The rest of the information will be held on Stripe secure servers. Further details of Stripe privacy practices and policies can be found here.

2.6 Your Treatment and Medical Data

All of our practitioners will store notes about you and each of your sessions on enotefile.com and salaso.com. As trained medical professionals these notes are essential to their practice and providing you with the most tailored and appropriate treatments for your injury, condition or goals. UFLEXX LTD will retain these notes for 8 years as part of standard medical practice. You can request to view any data that we hold about you. More information about this is provided in section 6.0.

Further information about enotefile.com and salaso respective privacy policies and how they use your data can be found https://enotefile.com/privacy/ , https://salaso.com/?r=site/page&view=privacy
3.0 How We Store Your Personal Information
If you provide us with information via a contact form, through email or over the phone, your information will be added to our secure CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Database by our team. This is only recorded to ensure we answer your query or provide the relevant service in a timely and appropriate manner.

All other information recorded is kept on the secure third-party sites as mentioned above.

None of your information is allowed to be kept outside of these approved databases and only trained UFLEXX LTD practitioners are allowed to access these databases.

4.0 Our Website Server
Our website is hosted by 1&1 Internet Ltd and whilst all transfer of files between our website and your browser is encrypted their privacy policy can be here

5.0 Data Breaches

If this website, our business database(s), or any of our service providers such as Google Analytics, Enotefile, Salaso, or Stripe should experience an unlawful data breach where any personal data that can be in any way identified is stolen, we will report it to any and all of the relevant persons and authorities within 72 hours.

6.0 Requesting to View, Change or Remove Your Data

Should you wish to view, change or remove the information that we hold about you or your organisation, or request any further information about how we store and record your data, please contact our data controller:

Aaron Hedgecock
[email protected]

Clinic central 
Colebrooke House 
10-12 Gaskin Street 
London N1 2RY

If you request for your data to be removed from our database we will keep a record of the removal in a separate secure location in order to ensure we do not contact you in any way again.

7.0 Updates to Our Privacy Policy

As legislation, compliance requirements and technology develops we may need to update this privacy policy. We will only inform our clients or website users of any major changes that directly affect their personal information or if we require consent. For any minor changes, we will update this policy and log any changes made in the Change Log below.
7.1 Change Log

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