Great for reducing pain, stiffness and stress whilst improving movement and flexibility.

Expert Sports Massage in London

Sports massages aren’t just for professional athletes. They are for anyone who exercises in their spare time, plays team or solo sports, struggles with fatigue or suffers limited movement and stress. With UFLEXX, you name the time, the place and even the music, to give you the most effective and enriching massage experience, wherever you are.

The Benefits of Sports Massages

A sports massage doesn’t just help your body, it can also improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. Benefits include: + Reduced muscle stiffness + Decreased levels of stress + Immediate increase in the range of motion + Reduction in pain perception + Decreased pre-competition anxiety + Enhanced psychological readiness

Sports Massage and Stretching

Your UFLEXX therapist can also integrate a stretching routine during or after the massage.

By adding stretching into your massage you can experience a further increased range of motion, a deeper state of relaxation, better post-exercise recovery lowering the chance of experiencing post-competition conditions such as delayed onset muscle soreness (also known as DOMS).

Recovery Massage

A recovery massage is ideal for those who are recovering from injury, sporting events, a long day in the office, sleepless nights, feeling stressed or suffering from anxiety and depression.

You get all the benefits of a deep tissue massage along with some well-earned rest both mentally and physically.