Your Injury

We think it’s important not only to treat, but to educate on the different types of injuries we treat and how to manage them.

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Your Injury

We think it’s important not only to treat, but to educate on the different types of injuries we treat and how to manage them.

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About your recovery times

Use the chart below to see how quickly we can treat your pain and how much you'll save by choosing a Uflexx Health physio.
Healing Time Avg private rehab price Uflexx online price
Muscle strain
Grade 1 0 - 2 Weeks up to £200 £40
Grade 2 4 Days - 3 Months up to £600 £40 - £120
Grade 3 3 Weeks - 6 Months up to £1200 £40-200
Ligament sprain
Grade 1 0 - 3 Days up to £200 £25-65
Grade 2 3 Weeks - 6 Months
Grade 3 5 Weeks - 1 Year
Other Body Parts
Tendon 3 Weeks - 1 Year+
Bone 5 - 3 Weeks
Nerve 3 Weeks - 3 Months+

What treatment or programme do I need?

This is your first contact or online session to make sense of your pain, discomfort or injury. During this session, a qualified physiotherapist, sports therapist or other health professional will take a thorough medical history taking or check, movement and special testing to create an accurate diagnosis. They’ll set an actionable plan with progressive and achievable goals in order to manage your injury effectively.

This is usually associated with fitness training due to the physiological and psychological changes this creates. Strength training is gold standard treatment and management for muscles injuries, tendinopathies and overuse, injuries, ligament tears, fractures and many more injuries that require progressive overload and strengthening after injury.

Graded movement means exercises completed in their most basic form. This can be a fantastic tool and treatment method which increase

This form of movement training can be used to treat injuries which has caused issues with stability such as an ankle sprain or knee sprain. Mobility exercises can be used for increasing range of motion to a joint that has been immobile from a recovering injury or pain.

Whilst we are injured, it is really important that we keep using our cardiovascular fitness to keep our heart and lungs efficient. Forms of cardiovascular fitness include swimming, cycling and rowing machine to keep the heart rate up.

Part of your pain management and rehabilitation experience is about learning about your body and how you can manage challenges in the future. Through our app and in person sessions, we teach you a number of coping strategies

A sports massage doesn’t just help your body, it can also improve your mental health and overall wellbeing. Benefits include reduced muscle stiffness, Decreased levels of stress + Immediate increase in the range of motion + Reduction in pain perception + Decreased pre-competition anxiety + Enhanced psychological readiness

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